Business Opportunities


These organisations are also committed to training and educating residents about the importance of having a safe, secure, and clean community. To Accomplish that, Workshops will be given atcommunity meetings, churches, schools, and community centers. In addition, block captains, faith based groups, and community organizations are part of the plan to disseminate information and gather support on behalf of the combined efforts of NSSD.

Business Opportunities
Approximately 588 occupied households are in Mantua. Those households spend an estimated $ 11.26 million in goods and services, the majority of which leaves the community (a sizeable percentage goes to Lancaster Avenue) because of the lack of the stores and shops in the area.



Hundreds of homes and apartments (including the Mill Creek Hope VI Project) are currently under construction with even more scheduled over the next several years. With the continual development and expansion of Center City and local universities, many suburban and rural residents, university students, and families are expected to set up their homes in city to benefit from its convenient location. Therefore, with great urgency, new businesses are needed to set up in and meet the demand that comes along with such a population surge. None of that, however, will succeed without a viable, dependable and aggressive strategy to maintain safety and cleanliness through a program like the NSSD.

Evaluation & Measurement

Community Meetings
NSSD will attend community meetings as well as conduct its own. Such meetings will allow the organizations to keep abreast of current problems and head off potential concerns.

Internal Staff Meetings
Internal Staff Meetings will happen daily to discuss operations, Compare notes, maintain communication, and monitor progress.

Site Checks
A site monitor who ascertains the proper use of landscape equipment is responsible for checking each site. That individual directs the effective cleaning of each site by NSSD's street maintenance team, and ensures that sites are completed in a timely fashion.

Weekly Schedule of Activities
Street maintenance teams are required to submit a weekly progress report.

Lessons Learned Summery
Keeping in mind that the NSSD is the first of its kind, new ideas, methods and strategies will be discovered as MCIC ventures towards accomplising its tasks. Therefore, a bi-weekly report will be completed and made available with the aforementioned Status Report. This report will help in sustaining awareness of what is and is not worthwhile and/or effective and to assess, avoid, manage, and/or control risks of any kind.

  mantua community improvement committe (mcic)
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