Goals and Objectives


The Mantua of today is quickly turning into anew community. With the help of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, West Philadelphia Partnership, University City District, and a host of other entities, NSSD will take the lead in paving the way to revitalizing the Mantua Community, making full use of collaborations with Drexel University that will beneft the school, its many students that live in the area as well as residents.

NSSD will accomplish this by taking a holistic approach to the area that will include a strong partnership with the West Philadelphia Partnership in order to address as many challenges as possible, including housing, aesthetics, crime, jobs, education, health and human resources. For any Mantua-based program to be effective, it must consider the needs of current and future residents. Below is how NSSD and its partners will accomplish this:


   Establish New Businesses & Homes

  1. The development of a commercial corridor will breath new life into Mantua. In particular, plans are in place to make Haverford Avenue (BETWEEN WHAT AND WHAT??) AN EXITING commercial corridor that includes a supermarket, state-of-the-art daycare center, sidewalk cafes, restaurants, and a myriad of retail businesses to entice people to come live, work and play.

    Improve Aesthetics
  2. Having Mantua become more physically appealing consist of collaborating with the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and other entities to have various landscaping and tree planting projects set up in areas that are now abandoned lots and falling-down homes. Moreover, lighting and street furtishings, along with refurbished sidewalks and playgrounds, would give the community a more refreshing appeal.

    Fight Crime
  3. A 24 hour bicycle patrol will be established in conjuction with area town watches, and the local police. NSSD will also provide escort services to anyone doing business in, or residing in Mantua.

    Stimulate Job Opportunities
  4. Once Businesses are established, the creation of new jobs is inevitable. Such new jobs would need to give priority to area residents who would then have even more of an incentive to insure the safety of the community and its businesses.

    Establish Health & Human Services
  5. Providing health-related information and activities for residents of Mantua is a wise investment in human capital. Doing this creates a sense of giving back to the community, which, in return, strums up support for the overall revitalization effort and all the visible partners involved in that effort.
    Facilitate Educational and Training Services
  6. By collaborating with reputable institutions of higher-learning such as Drexel University, NSSD, MCIC and WPP will be able to disseminate information about educational services available to the community as well as any pertinent advice and/or tips to enhance the quality of life for Mantua residents.
  mantua community improvement committe (mcic)
619 N.35th street .philadelphia, PA 19104 . phone (215)382-6242