Proposed Project


The Neighborhood Special Service District (NSSD) Project, will be run under the auspices of the mantua community improvement committee, which is 501 c(3) organization developed specifically to address the needs, concerns, revitalization and general improvememt of the quality of life for all residents of mantua.

MCIC's overall efforts have created jobs and are already generating revenue within the community because all of those hired by MCIC are from the immediate area. by employing and mobilizing young men and others in mantua, the level of violence is reduced even further, and other unseemly elements (drug dealing, loud music, harassment of passerby) are also reduced or eliminated altogether.

Last summer, MCIC employed 25 part-time workers in an NSSD pilot program supported with a short- term grant from the city to provide security and facilitate the cleaning of the area with help from area residents (mostly volunteers).



Short Term Plans for Mantua

Primary tasks:
Secondary Tasks
  • Identify blighted areas in mantua then assign work crews to cleanup, remove trash and dangerous materials from residential and commercial area
  • Remove snow and ice on the side streets that are not normally plowed by the city
  • Clean and seal abandoned houses
  • Remove abandoned cars
  • Clean and maintain vacant lots (i.e., grading landscaping and fencing)

:NSSD will service specific requests made by rental residents, students, homeowners, seniors and business owners in mantua, such as:

  • Cleaning out flooded basements
  • Removing excessive debris and trash
  • Cleaning out abandoned buildings
  • Removing illegallydumped trash
  • Cleaning windows
  • Cleaning signs
  • Washing bricks and aluminum siding with high pressure water machinery
  • Removaol of snow from sidewalks and parking areas

Long term Plans for Mantua

Primary tasks:
Secondary Tasks
  • Patrol residential streets to establish a presence against crime and wrongdoing
  • Formulate a task force with community groups to fight any remaining drug activity, crime, and violence
  • Patrol parking lots of apartment complexes and businesses
  • Install adequate lighting in dimly lit areas
  • Install security video monitors and command posts in appropriate, high-risk areas
  • Post signs informing people that mantua is under the watch and protection of NSSD.

:By implementing the primary goals, MCIC will be able to accomplish the following:

  • Prevent illegal solicitation that might occur inside and around vacant lots and buildings
  • Alleviate illegal dumping grounds, drug dens, and unsafe and illegal homeless shelters
  • Prevent safety risks and environjmental hazards